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2-to-a-page Security Cheques - PaperFormsandMore

2-to-a-page Security Cheques

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Available in Security Blue or Green.

These popular 1-to-a-page binder cheques help thousands of businesses pay & track expenses easily! Just copy cheque details to handy side tear vouchers for a permanent transaction record you can take anywhere.

CPA 100% compliant.

Microprinting-Tiny type in border on front will fill in when scanned or photocopied. Fibres & Security Ink-Coloured fibres on front are visible only under black light. Security Screen-"ORIGINAL DOCUMENT" text & weave pattern visible on back.

LineMark Paper-Patented fibre disruption process. Chemical Protection-Special chemical indicators in the paper appear as stains if exposed to common ink solvents. TonerFuse Coating-Anchors dry toner images to resist alteration.

HOLOGRAM-Multicolour reflective marker fused to each cheque.

Dimensions:  11" x 6 1/2"

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